Fubang Adhesive Tape Co.,Ltd

Who we are Fubang Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd. was set up in city of Shenzhen. It has several production lines and cutting, die-cutting machines. We are able to provide the services of R&D, production and procession for customers. We specialized in high temperature tape like polyimide tape, polyester tape, PTFE tape and mylar tape. Our products are extensively used in LED, automobile, electronics, optical industry (including mobile phone/computer/camera/LCD manufacturers, etc.), semiconductor

Hot Products

    • Polyimide Insulation Adhesive Tape

      Polyimide Insulation Adhesive Tape

      Description: High Temperature Polyimide Tape is based on polyimide film and coated with high performance silicone adhesive for temperature resistance and electrical insulation. It is widely applied for motor insulation, gold finger protection for PCB during wave soldering. Features: ●High...

    • High Temperature Teflon Tape

      High Temperature Teflon Tape

      Description: High temperature teflon tape consisting of a pure PTFE film, single side coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Features: • Temperature resistance ranges from -70°C to 280°C • Weather and aging resistance • Stored in 250°C environment for 200 days, it remains the same...