IT & Computing, Secure bonding of small and light electronic devices

Computing equipment is evolving very rapidly: PCs, laptops and tablets are becoming smaller yet more powerful, and they have become essential parts of consumers and business people’s lives. Tapes must be suitable to respond to manufacturers’ evolving design requirements, helping to build fashionable, long lasting and high performance products.

Adhesive tape offers many benefits over conventional fixings such as screws, glue and mechanical connections. Tapes are significantly lighter and require less space within a device, allowing manufacturers to create thinner, more intricate products.

Fupont provide adhesive solutions which securely bond the various structural components of electronic devices. Our tapes provide a secure, even bond, allowing excellent stress distribution to strengthen the devices’ structure. The fast tape bonding simplifies the assembly process and enables productivity improvement.

Telecommunications, Bonding solutions for a mobile world

Over the past 30 years telecommunication technology has grown into a highly competitive, multi-billion pound industry that has transformed the way we communicate. Globally, over 1 billion mobile phones will be sold this year to satisfy demanding customers with new designs, sophisticated applications, and state of the art features. Fupont’s range of tapes is specially designed for the mobile market, helping to save time, costs and improve your production efficiency.

Fupont’s range of polyimide, mesh and film solutions provide cable fixing, and our heat activated films are used on flexible printed circuits. Each tape component can be customized for your specific application requirements, which will assist you from prototype to the finished precision cut product.