Thermal Management

As electronic devices become smaller and the performance level grows higher, engineers are being challenged to come up with new methods to manage heat in more efficient ways.  Fupont converts a variety of thermally conductive materials including phase-change, thermally conductive adhesives, heat sink insulators, thermal gap fillers, heat spreaders, insulator pads and silicone compounds.

Electrical Insulation

Fupont manufactures flexible electrical insulating and conducting components that prevent the flow of electrical current or provide a conductive path to complete an electrical circuit.  Material characteristics include: high dielectric strength, RoHS Compliant, UL 94 V-0 Rated, durable and high temperature resistance. 

Surface Protection

Finished products require protection during manufacture, packing and shipping. Fupont converts films, low tack adhesives and other materials for protection of a number of surfaces. We can add zoned adhesive and lamination to suit the needs of your specific application.