A Brief History Of Adhesive Tape Products

- Aug 21, 2017-

In the 1600 BC, the ancient Egyptians put broad beans, barley, cream, and bone glue on the linen cloth to apply the wound, which can be considered as the original state of the present adhesive plaster. In ancient Greece, the olive oil and lead Dan Mixed, made of rod-shaped called Dajakiren hard paste heated on the thick substrate can be used immediately. Later in order to increase add its sticky, and add rosin, honey wax and so on. These are the first type of pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive tape is so.

In 1870, the American Johnson Brothers, Johnson and Johnson, began to make rubber-rubber-green with pressure-sensitive adhesives at room temperature, such as rosin and plant fillers. This is the beginning of the modern adhesive tape. Subsequently, the German pharmacist Beierstorf (Beiersdorf) in 18s2 years, in order to reduce the skin irritation of plaster plasters and prevent the occurrence of inflammation, the resin acid zinc oxide into the adhesive plaster mortar, made the earliest zinc oxide plasters.

The 20 's invented the electrical insulation adhesive tape, commonly known as black tape. A cellophane adhesive tape was invented in 30 by the American 3M Company, Mr. Drew. Then came the coating with masking tape, such as adhesive tape.

Into the 20th century, especially after the Second World War, the new polymer materials emerged, the world entered the era of polymer chemistry. The development of synthetic rubber and synthetic resins began to prevail in the United States. Plasters and industrial adhesive tape and other products have finally adopted these new materials, improve product quality. The appearance of new materials can also be said to be a challenge to the problem of not stimulating the skin, anti-aging and excellent quality of adhesive plaster. Therefore, for the zinc oxide adhesive plaster has the big problem which stimulates the skin, began to study many new materials.