Glass Cloth Tape

- Sep 14, 2018-

Glass Cloth Electrical Tape

The glass cloth tape is made of high-performance silica gel coated with 0.13mm thick imported glass cloth. The tape has a thickness of 0.18mm±0.02mm. The product has good temperature resistance (-40°c~260°c), strong adhesive force and toughness. It is resistant to tearing and other characteristics, and is applied to high-strength insulation protection such as h-class heat-insulating insulation banding, various high-temperature sandblasting protection, and lithium manganese battery insulation wrapping.


1, Good thermal stability, can work at 180 ° c for a long time, can withstand 260 ° c high temperature for a short time.

2, Soft and tear resistant, strong adhesion, not easy to deform, suitable for surface protection of various profiles.

3, No glue residue, after tearing open the tape after long time high temperature curing, no residual glue.

4, High mechanical strength, suitable for coil wrapping tight and firm.


1. Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can withstand high temperature of 180 °c for a long time, and has high tensile strength and strong bonding force. It is widely used in h-class motor and transformer coil lead-out wire wrapping.

2, Glass cloth tape explosion-proof anti-leakage, a large number of high-energy lithium battery insulation bandage.

3, Can be used for a variety of high temperature sandblasting protection and high temperature shielding protection.