Heat Sealing Tape Teflon

- Sep 15, 2017-

Heat sealing tape teflon tape is well known as its smooth surface,non stick,chemical resistance and high temperature resistance and insulating properties, it is widely used in packaging,heat moulding,laminating,sealing and electrical industries etc.

Heat Sealing Tape Teflon TapePTFE Glass One Side Adhesive Tapes are a must for sealing of Plastic, Polythelen Bags. Use of this tape on the heating eliment prevent the sticking of molten plastic/polythelene.

Teflon tape adheres readily to heated surfaces, repositionable without residue, able to tolerate constant ambient temperatures from -73℃ to 300℃. Teflon tape is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless for use in food processing, packaging, and handling. It is made from non-woven fiberglass cloth coated with PTFE, a combination that deliver excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength, and durability, as well as extremely low elongation (<1%). It also has a very low coefficient of friction, giving the non-adhesive side an extremely smooth, non-stick surface. High heat resistance, chemical inertness, and outstanding hydrophobic and dielectric properties help make Teflon the perfect solution for numerous applications. It is mainly used as a protection to the heat filament in heat sealing machine to transfer the heat on the packaging material to seal it.

Customers can Avail from us a wide range of Teflon Heat Sealing Tapes, each one of which is PTFE coated with fiber glass on one side. Our range of tapes is silicon pressure sensitive adhesive tape and is available with/ without adhesive coating.


PTFE tapes are used for heat sealing or roller wrap tapes. Along with good heat resistance, they also possess excellent electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. PTFE tapes are available with both silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive backing. 

PTFE tapes serve as durable non-stick coverings in heat sealing applications. Packaging materials don't stick to surfaces covered with PTFE tape. The tapes resist high temperatures, and provide a satisfactory rate of heat transfer from the sealing unit to the sealing area on the package. 

PTFE tapes help keep plastic films from sticking to hot metal bars and plates primarily used in packaging and welding vinyl windows.

Heat Sealing Tape Teflon Application