Insulating Tape

- Aug 21, 2017-

The insulating tape (insulated rubber tape) refers specifically to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and to play an insulating role. Also known as insulating tape, tape belt, by the base belt and pressure sensitive adhesive layer composition. Base belt is generally used cotton, synthetic fabrics and plastic film, rubber layer by adding viscose resin and other additives made of good viscosity, excellent insulation performance. Insulating tape has a good insulation pressure, flame retardant, weathering and other characteristics, suitable for wire connection, electrical insulation protection and so on.

Insulating tape is widely used in the 380V voltage below the use of the conductor's bandage, joints, insulation seals and other electrical work. The production process has two kinds of rub-gum method and Gelatinize method. Production process: PVC film as the base material, coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing.

In the process of electricity consumption, although people notice that the size of the power line material cross-sectional area of electrical safety use has an impact, but often on the joint use of insulating tape not enough attention. Now the power line is more and more complex laying, down the wood floor, wall, clapboard and damp underground or water in all. If improper use of insulation tape, will occur leakage, endanger personal safety. Therefore, we should correct the use of insulating tape, power cord connectors, "+", "-" word connection method, "T" word connection method. Joints should be wrapped, smooth without burrs, otherwise, before the thread is disconnected, should be first with the wire pliers light pressure, and then around the pressure mouth, and then left and right pendulum, the thread will be very adhere in the joint at the disconnect. If the joint in the dry place, should first be insulated with black tape 2 layers, and then plastic tape 2 layers, and then the insulation from the adhesive tape elongate about 200%, wrapped in $number layer, finally wrapped in 2 layers of plastic tape.