Kapton Adhesive Tape

- Oct 09, 2017-

Kapton adhesive tape

1.Kapton adhesive tape is made of polyimide film, coated with high temperature resistant silicone adhesive.

2.Kapton adhesive tape is designed for high temperature masking, such as protection of golden finger of printed circuit board, H grade electrical insulation application.


Kapton adhesive tape feature: 

1.Excellent electrical insulation

2.Outstanding dimensional stability

3.Great thermal resistance

4.Leaves no defective gum when tear off

5.Discs are on a clear, slit back liner for easy removal

kapton adhesive tape (3).jpg

Kapton adhesive tape Application: PCB, SMT tin stove, wave soldering, hot tin hole maching, cellphone battery, transformers and other industries

 kapton adhesive tape

Kapton adhesive tape Performance: Excellent electrical performance, good insulation, high temperature, acid and corrosin resistance, low electrolysis.