Kapton Heat Tape

- Sep 20, 2017-

Kapton heat tape is Polyamide tape, is also known as the imitation of capton tape, is with polyimide film (UL confirmed) as the basic carrier, and coated with imported pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. It can endure high temperature and it also features like: electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvement resistance etc. It's mostly applied for the motor insulation, gold finger protection of PCB during wave soldering etc. Without any residue after the tape is removed from the gold finger.

kapton heat tape

Kapton heat tape Performance: Excellent electrical performance, good insulation, high temperature, acid and corrosin resistance, low electrolysis. 

Kapton heat tape is use for the PCB, SMT tin stove, wave soldering, hot tin hole maching, cellphone battery, transformers and other industries. the Kapton heat tape heat resistant for covering protective.

kapton heat tape