Kapton Tape Adhesive

- Sep 19, 2017-

kapton tape adhesive is Made of Polyimide Film Single Sided Coated With Silicone Adhesive For Easy Release,Compatible With a Wide Temperature Range,Can Be Used In Applications At Temperatures As Low As -269℃ and As High As 260℃,You Can Put a Soldering Iron On Kaptons Tape and It Will Not Melt.Kapton Tape Is Also Known As Polyimide Kaptons Tape,Is An Electrical Insulation,High Temperature Tape or Heat Resistant Tape.

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Kapton tape adhesive High Insulation,Low or High Tempareture Resistant,Acid-Base Resistant, Low Electrolysis, Friction.

Easy to Peel,Quick Paste,Tear without Leaving Adhesive Residue.

Kapton tape adhesive application:

1. Mainly Used For Painting,Baking Varnish,Sealing,Shoe Industry,Packaging and Fixation,Construction and Decoration,Etc.

2. Widely Used In Electronic Industry,For Example,Transformers,Motors,Coils,Condensers,AC Power Source Insulated Winding In High Temperature Condition.

3. Suitable For Masking and Protecting the PCB,SMT Solder Machine and Wave Soldering Process.

4. Protecting High-Grade Electrical Application.

5. Fixing the Positive and Negative Electrode and Strapping the Lithium Battery.

6. Soldering Protection.

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