Mouse Teflon Tape

- Sep 22, 2017-

What is Mouse Teflon Tape?

Mouse Teflon Tape could quickly replaces worn or missing mouse feet. 

Mouse Teflon Tape.gif

Teflon Mouse tape makes your mouse glide like never before.
Replace missing or worn out mouse feet.
This is the same stuff that others sell under different names
(i.e. Skatez, Glidez)
This is one of the best upgrades (and cheapest) you will ever do.
Use what professional gamers use.
This is skived Teflon tape, not the stuff for pipes!
Also great for sewing machine feet, heat sealers!
Any time you need two surfaces to slide past, not stick together.
Is great for bow hunting too! Use as a Teflon Arrow Rest to silence your hunting.