Polyimide Tape Knowledge

- Sep 12, 2017-

Polyimide tape is made of polyimide film coated with silicone adhesive. It is UL recognized, 260°C heat resistant, flame retardant, together with good tensil strength, thin gauge and excellent electrical properties, especially suitable for the H-class high temperature application of flexible circuit board, transformer, coil and capacitors etc.

Polyimide tape is used in applications where reliable, durable performance is required, often in harsh environments. It also can be engineered and converted to meet specific requirements for mechanical, electrical, temperature and chemical properties. These properties make polyimide tape a good solution in many aircraft and spacecraft applications.

Polyimide Tape Industries and Applications

Aerospace applications - Polyimide tape is used to insulate wiring on satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles because of its thermal insulation and radiation resistance properties.

Aircraft applications - Polyimide aircraft tape is used as wire and cable insulation on aircraft because of its high mechanical strength, dielectric and thermal insulation properties.

Electronic applications - Polyimide film tape is ideal for high heat environments, such as consumer electronics.

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