Preservation And Use Of Tape

- Aug 21, 2017-

Tape in our daily life is very common even can be used everywhere to describe, but also our life is an indispensable gadget. The tape has many varieties, many specifications and even different colors. It's not just the Scotch tape we often touch. I do not know if you have noticed the wrapping of the wire or the black tape of the joint, this kind of tape is called insulating tape. However, for the use of the tape can not be wasted how to save, small to introduce the tape to the storage and use of the maintenance:

1, tape storage dry and shady place, prohibit contact with acid-base solvents,

2, tape into the roll, do not fold or squeeze, if the storage time is too long to turn every season

3, the type of tape, specifications according to the use needs and specific conditions, reasonable selection.

4, cleanliness is the basic condition of good operation of adhesive tape, foreign material will affect the eccentricity, tension difference, even break.

5, when the use of tape found early damage phenomenon, should be in time to find the cause of the Tableland, repair, to avoid adverse consequences of the appearance.