Ptfe Tape Teflon

- Oct 18, 2017-

Ptfe Tape Teflon

Ptfe tape teflon Products characteristics

Ptfe tape teflon is firstly use of glass fiber fabric, coated with PTFE emulsion dried glass fiber cloth made of PTFE. Then by the second coated to a high temperature silicone adhesive .

ptfe tape teflon

Characteristics of Ptfe tape teflon

1). excellent heat resistance

2). non-stick surface

3). chemical and corrosion resistance

4). excellent insulating performance

5). non-toxic, long service life

Applications of Ptfe tape teflon

1). high temperature roller and hopper cove, wrapping work piece

2). food, medicine and plastic bag sealing

3). demoulding of plastic parts

4). insulation of high voltage cable

5). anti-adhesive, anti-corrosion, heat resistant and electronic industries.

ptfe tape teflon