Teflon Tape Ptfe

- Sep 15, 2017-

Self-Adhesive PTFE tapes teflon tape ptfe are widely used throughout industry for a variety of applications including:

1. Poly Bag Manufacturing

2. Work Surface covering

3. Heat Sealing and Bagging

4. Non stick roller coverings

5. Any areas needing heat resistance or product release


All teflon tape ptfe are manufactured by coating one side of  high quality teflon fabric with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.These products are designed to withstand operational environments of up to 260 degree C(500F), and they can be used in direct contact with food. 


Teflon tape ptfe–PTFE coated adhesive backed tapes are high performance products that offer excellent release characteristics whilst being able to cope with extreme temperatures. They are manufactured with a high temperature resistant surface with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive

teflon tape ptfe.jpg