What Is High Temperature Masking Tape?

- Oct 26, 2017-

High Temperature Masking Tape material:
Is a roll of adhesive tape Masking film and pressure sensitive adhesive as the main raw material, masking paper coated pressure sensitive adhesive. High temperature, resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, softness docile and then tear without leaving adhesive residue and other features. Industry known as masking tape.

High Temperature Masking Tape Functions and features:
With easy to tear, can good viscosity, anti- different temperatures, no residue, high adhesion, good flexibility, easy to remove without pollution and other characteristics. According to the characteristics of its paper and plastic department prepared varies widely used in various industries.
Use at room temperature for civilian commercial building decoration painting and decorating, paint, stucco mask, separations and electronic industries.

Masking is divided into the following categories:
Masking tape high temperature, high temperature masking tape, masking tape at room temperature, the temperature masking tape, decorative masking tape, masking tape, colored masking tape, masking tape composite, paint tape.

high temperature masking tape