What Should You Pay Attention To When Keeping High Temperature Tapes?

- Aug 21, 2017-

1, high temperature adhesive tape should be deposited in the storeroom.

2, high temperature tape does not fold, should be placed in rolls.

3, high temperature tape handling conveyor belt when the best use of cranes.

4, High-temperature tape specifications According to the use needs and specific conditions, high-temperature tape type, reasonable selection.

5, High-temperature adhesive tape conveyor belt joints best used hot vulcanization bonding.

6, moving high temperature tape to keep the tow roller, do not make high-temperature tape or creep.

7, in transit should prevent the wear of high-temperature tape. When the conveyor is fitted with a baffle and a cleaning device. Foreign material will affect the eccentricity of the belt, cleanliness is the basic condition of good operation of the tape.