Teflon Tape Ptfe

teflon tape ptfe heat resistance&insualtion

Product Details

What is teflon tape ptfe?

It is Teflon cloth or Teflon film with Silicone adhesive

It is 260℃ heat resistant and insulation.

Most customer used our Teflon tape equal to Nitto Teflon tape, good quality with competitive price.

The different color brown,white,black and beige can be available.

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Teflon tape ptfe Details and Specifications

Production name

 260℃ Silicone Adhesive teflon tape ptfe


PTFE Cloth or film + Silicone Adhesive


Brown black


Heat Resistance & Insualtion 


♦ Silicone Adhesive Single Coated Teflon Tapes
♦ 260℃ High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable 
♦ Anti friction very good due to its low coefficient of friction 
♦ High Voltage Insulation 
♦ Teflon film very smooth surfaces 
♦ Teflon cloth strong tensile strength 


1.Factory supplier: We are a factory professional in high temperature in rolls 
2.Competitive price: Factory direct sales, professional production, quality assurance, 
3.Perfect service: Delivery in time,and any question will be replied in 24 hours


A. Sealing machine 
B. High temperature work use
C. High Voltage Cable Wrapping
E. Food and plastic bag sealing

Sample provide

1. We send sample at most 20mm width roll or A4 paper size for free
2. Customer shall bear the freight cost
3. Sample and freight charge just a show of your sincerity
4. All sample related cost shall be returned after first deal
5. It is workable to most of our clients Thanks for cooperation

teflon tape ptfe

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